20 Best Apps to Learn English Fluently

The most taught language in the world is English. It is a global language. Many people try to learn English using various methods. But it can be difficult to study it alone. Smartphones have also solved this problem. There are many apps available that will help you learn English like a pro. One of the most satisfying things you can do is learn a language. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best app to learn English fluently. This list also includes the best app to learn English offline.

Why learn English?

Here are some of the reasons why one should learn English regardless of the country or culture to which it belongs:

  • Commonly Spoken: This is perhaps the most important reason for learning English that you should consider. The whole world – one in five people – can speak or at least understand English. It is a very useful language for communication and travel.
  • Beneficial for higher education: Have you ever thought about going to study abroad? Some of the best schools and universities in the world are found in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. There are thousands of reputable colleges offering their programs in English all over the world, even in non-English speaking countries. So learning English might help you get into a better school.
  • Career in AIDS: When communicating with clients or colleagues from other countries, knowing how to speak English is crucial, even necessary. Your chances of landing a solid job, whether in a global company or abroad, are increased if you speak good English.
  • Read and Learn Literature: Have you ever wished you could learn the lyrics to a song or been annoyed by a badly dubbed TV show or movie? Or maybe you have dreamed of reading some of the great English authors, like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Stephen King, in their own language. Learn English and you can enjoy your favorite music, TV shows and books in their native language.
  • Build Confidence: Everyone knows how difficult language learning can be. People will admire you for your dedication to maintaining and improving your English. You will get respect if you can interact with others and provide help. Plus, people will approach you to find out more about you and your worldview. They will be curious about you and your life experiences. They will be curious about the ideas, aspirations, anxieties and perspectives of someone from a different culture.

20 Best Apps to Learn English Fluently

After learning the importance of the English language, it is easy to see why it is so popular. All major international organizations use English as their primary language. Learning English will help you keep up with the world and broaden your perspective. Let’s start our list.


Screenshot-244-1024x475.png (1024×475)

ELSA, or English Language Speech Assistant, was developed to help students perfect their American English pronunciation. This app is the world’s first and smartest artificial intelligence pronunciation coach, running on our cutting-edge speech recognition technology . Students can sign up for a free, restricted-access plan. Additionally, they can access 1,200 lessons plus an oral assessment exam during a seven-day free trial of their premium subscription.

An assessment exam is available as part of the trial to help students determine their pronunciation level and provide a detailed analysis of key pronunciation issues. If the pronunciation is incorrect, the app notes it and offers tips to make it more accurate. The app’s reminders to practice can be set to be sent at a certain time by students.

ELSA subscriptions are available for $44.99 per year or $98.99 permanently . This includes access to the ELSA dictionary and over 3,000 courses. You can use it for free as an English learning app because a free trial of ELSA is also available before you subscribe.

2. Rosetta Stone

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This acclaimed app for learning English covers vocabulary and grammar. You can improve your English accent using Rosetta Stone pronunciation lessons. This is the best app to learn English offline because you can also download audio lessons. For Android, iOS, and Windows, there are free trials for this free English learning app, as well as premium versions.

It differs from other applications in that it immerses you in English from your first session. This method may not be the best for everyone (it can be daunting), but there’s a ton of evidence to back it up. The course’s interactive exercises will help you become more proficient in speaking, reading, writing and listening. The speed of the course can sometimes be a bit slow.

The Rosetta Stone English program costs $36.00 for three months of access. Longer subscriptions are also offered. Your discount increases with the duration of your subscription. A 3-day free trial is available for you to decide if the course is right for you.

3. Embibe

Screenshot-246-1024x483.png (1024×483)

Embibe is the best application to learn English fluently, created for everyone to have a better learning process. This app is created for everyone while also being created for every person. The learnability of the end user is a key consideration in the development of the Embibe application. So it provides you with individualized learning materials including great videos and pictures. It sets goals, assigns you a personal coach, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess your learning needs, and gives you AI-analyzed feedback.

Embibe offers interactive videos, one-on-one coaching, and study resources for English so you can succeed and raise your academic levels. Plus, you can easily ace even the toughest English exams and interviews using Embibe’s practice resources, mock tests and speaking tips.

4. FluentU

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By immersing you in videos that show how English speakers use the language, the app facilitates effective learning. Movie trailers, news clips, and music videos are some of these clips. And unlike other sources of English movies, FluentU offers educational tools that make it easy to understand terms/phrases you’ve never heard before. Videos on FluentU include interactive captions that let you choose words for translation.

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Plus, FluentU offers custom tests that let you practice what you’ve learned from the videos. In the app version, the quizzes contain speaking questions that allow you to improve your English pronunciation with the device’s microphone. Simply speak your answer into your device and FluentU’s speech recognition software will tell you whether or not you’re pronouncing your words correctly.

You can use the video material on FluentU to learn to speak with a range of accents and dialects, as it is produced around the English-speaking world. One can get a free trial of English learning app with this best app to learn English offline, but there are also monthly subscription plans available.

5. Drops

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Drops is an engaging and enjoyable approach to picking up a ton of English vocabulary quickly. It contains fun games that help memorize long-term words and phrases. You just need to use it for a short time each day. Some of the most useful vocabulary lists you will come across are from Drops. You learn everything from breakfast treats and household equipment to diseases and animal sounds. The app has an attractive look.

The Drops app is available for free use for five minutes each day. This gives you more than enough time to learn a few new terms each day. A Drops subscription costs $13.00 per month if you want to quickly increase your English vocabulary. It is accessible at a lower cost if you choose a longer duration in a subscription plan.


6. Talk English

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This best app to learn English fluently is a fantastic tool to learn and use English conversation. It includes conversations on a variety of topics, including food , kids, friends, and more. You can read or listen to dialogue throughout each lesson . Then you answer several multiple-choice questions about what you just read.

More importantly, by assuming the role of the best character in the discussion, you practice speaking. It’s a fantastic way to practice speaking in public without a companion! To compare your speech with the app version, you can record your talking practice and listen to it later.

Although the application is free, the platform will contain advertisements. To remove ads, you need to spend $1.99 or more, and the offline mode of the app costs $4.99, which makes it the best app to learn English offline.

7. Pimsleur

Screenshot-250-1024x466.png (1024×466)

Pimsleur’s emphasis is on dialogue and pronunciation. The very first lesson have you talking. To hear how people speak English, pay attention to native speakers. Pimsleur can be useful if you want to learn conversational skillsrapidement .The Pimsleur English course is completely audio-based and you speak from the first session. The training focuses on useful vocabulary and expressions that you will use frequently. Even though Pimsleur is the best speaking course, it doesn’t really teach you grammar, writing, or reading. You’re probably better off using a program like Babbel if you want to practice them.

The monthly subscription price for the English audio course on the Pimsleur app is $14.99 . A premium subscription costs $20.99 per month if you want more features like interactive practice sessions and writing assignments. Pimsleur offers a 7-day free trial for all of its subscription plans.

8. eJOY

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Users can practice speaking English with the eJOY English app with various features such as game movies and audio files. Moreover, this best app to learn fluent English improves writing and listening skills of individuals. It includes over 50,000 movies and videos with a variety of themes, lengths, and skill levels. When you tap on a word while reading something online, eJOY instantly displays the definition and pronunciation of the term.

Use the latest and best-designed speech recognition software to practice your pronunciation and speaking skills whenever and wherever you want. As you listen and then recite sentences, including the words you have stored, eJOY will evaluate your speech and detect any errors in your pronunciation. Keep going until you become an expert.

Playing interactive games can help you improve your vocabulary. Have fun and keep the vocabulary in context. It is generally treated as a free English learning app since almost the majority of its functions are free. However, you can upgrade to the Pro edition to get access to all of its features including unlimited word storage and gameplay. Your free account allows you to store up to 100 words. You need to subscribe PRO account of this best app to learn English offline to keep saving and practicing words.

9. Preply

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Preply matches students with qualified English teachers for private lessons via video chat. You can easily choose your own instructor based on various criteria, such as location, area of ​​expertise, availability, customer testimonials, and pricing structure. Preply is the ideal application for learning to speak English since students use it from the first lesson.

You can interact with teachers and receive notifications about upcoming classes through the mobile app. With free English lessons on a variety of topics from beginner to intermediate level and flashcards to review your lesson vocabulary, you can even practice while you’re on the go.

Preply combines the most beneficial elements of traditional English teaching with the simplicity of a language app. When you make mistakes, you get immediate feedback . Students pick up information at their own pace, and instructors are allowed to wait until a topic has been grasped before moving on.

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You can select the price range when using the teacher search option. Prices start at $5 per hour. This best app to learn English fluently will refund you or provide you with a free replacement instructor if you are not satisfied with a lesson.

10. Duolingo

You can learn English for free on Duolingo using their extensive course. Activities focusing on vocabulary and translations last 5 to 10 minutes. A full English course is available on Duolingo, and it’s free. To help you learn new words and expressions, it contains interactive lessons and tests.

There are many lessons that deal with common circumstances, but they are not really in-depth. Duolingo is a good choice for the best app to learn English offline, if all you want to do is establish a solid foundation in English.

All Duolingo lessons are free. However, several advertisements hinder your education. Super Duolingo Plus is available for $12.99 per month or $83.99 per year if you want to remove ads and access other features.

11. MosaLingua

Screenshot-254-1024x464.png (1024×464)

Many apps can teach you the English language, but many neglect to provide cultural lessons. Unlike MosaLingua. With the help of the MosaLingua flash card program, you can learn a significant number of useful English words and phrases. It also has an extensive collection of books, music, and movies that can be used to learn more about the culture.

It is common knowledge that understanding the culture is just as crucial as acquiring new words and phrases. And MosaLingua helps you in both cases. The lack of oral practice in MosaLingua is its only drawback.

It costs much less to subscribe to MosaLingua online ($4.99/month) or mobile ($9.49/month) than most other English apps.

12. Speaking Pal

SpeakingPal can be very useful if you are hesitant to practice your English with a foreigner. The app lets you have scripted chats with a video character. SpeakingPal will monitor your voice and immediately notify you of the quality of your pronunciation. Speech recognition technology is great for learning because it gives you immediate feedback. The scripts also include translations so you can learn new words and phrases simultaneously.

Additional material includes comprehension test questions and quick video tutorials. SpeakingPal also tracks your development so you can see how far you’ve come and how much you have left to do.

13. Rocket Languages

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Due to the quality of its lessons, the Rocket Languages ​​English course is by far the best app to learn English. It will help you go from a total novice to a proficient English speaker.

Interactive exercises emphasize communication rather than memorizing and repeating words and phrases. Everything from fundamental introductions to pronunciation and more is covered in the course. You need to make a one-time payment to enroll in the Rocket English course, after which you have unlimited access. The cost of the course is $99.95 . Plus, Rocket Languages ​​offers a free trial so you can use it before you buy.

14. Babbel

Babbel is the best comprehensive app to learn English as it covers reading, writing, speaking and listening practice. With the Babbel English course, you can quickly go from a beginner’s level of English to a conversational level. What really sets Babbel apart from all other English learning apps is its grammar recommendations. Although English grammar can be incredibly difficult, Babbel simplifies it into manageable bits.

A one-month subscription to Babbel costs $13.95 , but you can get a big discount if you buy a longer subscription. You can also benefit from Babbel’s 20-day money-back guarantee if you test it out and decide you don’t like it.

15. HelloTalk

If you don’t have a language partner yet, HelloTalk can find one for you for free! When you teach someone your native language and they teach you theirs, you are engaging in a language exchange (English). One of the most well-known language exchange apps, HelloTalk has over 30 million users worldwide .

Depending on where they are from and what languages ​​they speak, you can choose who you want to chat with. When you have located a contact, you can communicate with them by SMS, voice or video messages, phone call or video chat. This best app to learn English offline offers a grammar checker feature to help you and can identify errors in your message before you send it. Although this best app to learn English offline is free, a VIP monthly subscription starts at $8.99.


16. Forvo

With a special twist, Forvo’s pronunciations of words and phrases in over a hundred languages ​​are all offered by real native speakers from around the world . Even your pronunciation of a term in your native language can be downloaded. You can use it to learn English by simply searching for a word or phrase to listen to audio recordings of native English speakers pronouncing it. You can determine which of the audio clips is more reliable by looking at how other users have rated the pronunciations.

The ability to hear many English speakers using the same word is one of the best features of Forvo. This best app to learn fluent English is excellent for learning how to pronounce words that you don’t know how to pronounce. To match the pronunciation of a native speaker, play the audio first, then repeat it. You can hear both male and female voices, as well as regional dialects from many English-speaking countries in America, Europe, and beyond.

17. Speak English Fluently

You can practice your basic and intermediate English conversation skills with this app. It provides several brief examples of typical conversations you might have or hear in everyday life. The narration is performed entirely by native English speakers and the scripts feel relaxed and authentic. You also receive a list of typical phrases and words that you are likely to use a lot besides cats.

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The program also includes short lessons on idioms, frequent phrasal verbs and irregular verbs to help you feel more comfortable in English. These additional courses are wonderful supplements as they cover a variety of topics that language learners may find perplexing.

18. Cambly

You might like Cambly if you want to practice your English more privately. With the help of this app, you can interact with a native English speaking instructor. Based on their availability and areas of expertise, you can choose your English teacher. Once a lesson has been scheduled, you can meet your teacher one-on-one for up to an hour at a pre-arranged time. Whether you want to work on your grammar or pronunciation, or just practice speaking to gain confidence, he or she will help you.

In addition to guided lessons that focus on particular English skills, including business English or academic English, the best app for learning fluent English also offers personalized video lessons. This app costs $85 per month .

19. Say It by Oxford University Press

Say It helps pronounce terms users already know. English students can increase their pronunciation accuracy. Students can sign up for a limited free edition, but they must subscribe to the premium version to unlock all features. The app is aware of the wide range of accents used by native and non-native English speakers.

You can replicate the typical British or North American accent used by Say It as a reference point, which can help you pronounce words clearly and increase your confidence and fluency when speaking English.

Students can record how a word is pronounced. The app then converts the word into a graph so you can compare how students pronounce it to how it should sound. This allows them to determine whether word shapes and phases and accent locations are comparable.

20. Speakometer: Accent Training

You can hone your public speaking skills by reading short paragraphs on various topics. They are all accessible in audio formats of different lengths delivered by native speakers. These paragraphs are written in letter and IPA format .

You can also record and hear your pronunciation with this tool. The app does not, however, allow you to rate your speech. You should evaluate them independently by comparing them to the sounds produced by native speakers. This best app to learn English fluently is totally free which makes it a free English learning app.


Benefits of Using English Learning Apps

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Today, learning English as a second language is essential for professional and personal success. The process of learning English takes time in the truest sense of the word. It can be quite difficult to find time in our busy daily schedules. However, one can now study English anywhere and anytime using the best app to learn English offline. Here are some of the benefits of using these apps.

  • Very Convenient: Being able to take classes from the comfort of your home is the biggest advantage of using these apps. To learn, you don’t necessarily need to move through a structure or a class; instead, one can easily complete the course at any location of his or her choice.
  • Fun and Interesting: It is quite fun to learn English with mobile app. These apps offer a variety of quizzes that make the lessons engaging and interesting. These English learning apps use the idea of ​​games; it is designed and set up as a game with points, lives and levels.
  • Live Classes: With these apps, you can sign up for online classes and practice English with your favorite teachers who are linked to the app. You can actively communicate with your instructors during the live English lessons and ask them questions if you are confused or have any problems.
  • Less hesitation: Although introverted students may find it difficult to study and participate in a large classroom, these personalized conversation lessons over the phone help them feel satisfied and more at ease. As a result, you would be less hesitant to engage with a new educator and have a better opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

This list of the best apps to learn English fluently should come in handy as you learn the language. Each English learning app has something special to offer and can draw your attention to particular abilities. These are the best English learning apps because of the quality, value, and features they offer. With the help of these apps, you will soon be able to speak with confidence.

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