Top 30 Best Affiliate Programs to Join Now (2023)

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing generates billions of dollars per year around the world, and that is why knowing the best affiliate programs becomes extremely important.

This is one of the fastest growing parts of online marketing in recent years and one of the parts that generates the most money for affiliates and advertisers through the Internet.

In fact, many people even generate thousands of dollars a month promoting products, services or companies.

When a customer buys or performs an action, such as subscribing or clicking on a banner that generates visits, product sales or new subscribers to the advertiser, it is then that the affiliate earns a commission.

Many SEO’s and digital marketers make a living from the ‘passive income’ generated by affiliate marketing.

In fact, there are thousands of affiliate programs and networks you can promote to, yet choosing the best options is one of the most difficult tasks if you don’t know where to look.

There are affiliate programs that leave a small percentage between 1 to 10%, while others offer fixed commissions or more than 100% of the value of the product or service. Amazing!

Note: I made this list of 30 Affiliate Programs and 7 Affiliate Platforms to save you all the research and find what your website/niche or business needs to generate income.

Let’s get started! 🔥

Differences between affiliate programs vs affiliate platforms

Before going to what you are waiting for, it is important that I clarify the difference between these two concepts.

They can sometimes be used without distinction, however when we talk about affiliate programs and platforms we mean two totally different things.

To put it simply, an affiliate program is an advertiser (company, entrepreneur, etc.) that offers its affiliates their product(s) to be promoted by them.

Otherwise, an affiliate platform or network brings together a large set of advertisers (many companies, many creators, many entrepreneurs, etc.) who offer their products or services through this more global platform.

The clear example of an affiliate network is Awin, which has countless advertisers (+16,000), who offer another incalculable number of products or services.

Now yes, no more…

Best Marketing Affiliate Programs

Let’s start with the list of the best affiliate programs!

1. SEMRush

semrush affiliates

Everyone who visits my blog surely knows or has at least heard of SEMRush.

In fact, it is an SEO and Digital Marketing suite that offers a large number of functions for you to take your sites and your brand to the maximum possible.

It is together with Ahrefs , possibly one of the most popular and most used SEO tools, both in Spanish and in other languages.

On this platform you can do everything:

  • General view of your domain, that is, links, traffic, kws positioned, best pages…
  • Analysis of the competition, such as their link profile, their kws, their traffic, their progression over time
  • Audit your site for errors or opportunities
  • Advertising
  • Social media

SEMRush affiliate program offers high commissions:

  • $200 each time a new subscription is generated
  • 10 dollars for each new trial registered
  • $0.01 for each registration 🤣 (that’s not so funny)

If you want to know more about the SEMrush affiliate program, click here.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround affiliates

Before SiteGround I tried many hosts, but after SiteGround I haven’t had a need to try any other.

Both its web speed, its support, its stability make it one of the most used and most valued hosting on the market.

That is why its price is not the cheapest on the market, something that goes into play with the great benefits it offers.

In fact, its affiliate program offers very attractive commissions so that affiliates can promote their products.

I will detail:

  • If you manage to refer between 1 and 5 sales per month, the commissions are $50 per sale.
  • Between 6 and 10 sales, the pay is $75 each sale.
  • If you manage to refer between 11 and 20 monthly sales, each commission will be $100.
  • More than 21 sales, the commissions will be personalized

The best thing is that they pay in 30 days! Well…the best thing is actually the barbaric commissions they have.

You want to know in detail your affiliate program, then enter here .

3. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Affiliates

Liquid Web is another web hosting site.

Its focus is on hosting sites for small and medium-sized businesses, having more than 500,000 sites and almost 50,000 clients across the globe.

It is not a massive hosting as SiteGround or Hostinger could be, and that means that they have specialized in providing a hosting or server with great support, with the best migrations and with insurmountable security.

Ideal so that your company never stops working and offers users and customers the best of the best.

It is for this reason and for its great capacity to host sites reliably that its prices are not the cheapest.

Even so, they are far from expensive for their price.

What interests us most of course is its affiliate program:

  • 150% commission with each sale or contracted plan.
  • $150 minimum. Yes, if you sell a monthly plan of less than 30 dollars, you still receive 150 of the same currency.
  • 90 days of cookies

They went crazy Liquid Web!

You want to go deeper into your affiliate plan. I leave you this link.

4. Elementor

elementor affiliates

Elementor is one of the most relevant web design visual builders in the digital world.

An extraordinary plugin to layout your custom website, with simple and easy functionalities such as “drag and drop”.

It tends to have a similar number of enemies (not just Elementor but also Divi, Oxygen, and more builders) and adherents in the SEO world.

However, there is one thing that does not generate any kind of controversy, and I am talking about the magnificent affiliate program that Elementor has.

Each sale made from your affiliate will give you a 50% commission.

They also pay after 30 days, which is something extremely positive.

Of course, you must first reach the threshold of $200.

One of the most promoted tools by SEO’s, content creators, digital entrepreneurs and website designers with WordPress.

I leave you this link so that you know in detail their affiliate program.

You may also be interested in reading about Lasso, the best affiliate plugin out there for WordPress.

5. Hostinger

hostinger affiliates

As the name suggests, Hostinger is another web hosting site.

In this case, it is also one of the cheapest hosting sites for users in LATAM and the world.

Their prices start at less than 2 euros per month. Crazy!

Of course, I must also say it, it is not even close to my favorites.

But, if you are starting Hostinger may be your best solution.

If we talk about its affiliate program, it offers juicy commissions of 60% for each annual sale of its hosting services.

If you want to know in detail the Hostinger affiliate program, enter here.

6. HostGator

hostgator affiliates

This web page hosting and hosting service is one of the oldest and most respected in the world.

In 2022 they will be 20 years old, and they continue to be one of the most popular in these two decades.

It is true that its use is not as widespread in LATAM or Spain, however it has more than 2 million hosted sites in its possession.

One of the most interesting things about HostGator is its affiliate program, which I comment on the most important below:

  • If you get between 1 and 5 referrals you receive 65 dollars for each one.
  • Between 6 and 10, you receive $75
  • From 11 to 20 affiliates, you get $100 for each of them.
  • If you get more than 21 affiliates, you receive $125 from each sale.
  • A not so good aspect is that you will be paid 2 months + 10 days after the sale.

If you want to go deeper, enter here .

7. Cloudways

Affiliated Cloudways

Cloudways is one more hosting site for cloud sites, although it is not one more.

It offers its more than 250 thousand hosted sites incredible speed and support.

That is why thousands of agencies, professionals and ordinary users choose this type of accommodation.

Very easy to use, it even allows you to use and try Cloudways with a free trial version, and without cards!

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Another awesome thing is their affiliate program:

  • You can earn up to $125 per sale if you exceed 46 monthly sales.
  • Otherwise you will receive from $50 if you sell from 1 to 5 plans.
  • You can even earn passive commissions as long as the referred user continues to use Cloudways.

If you click here , you will be able to see all of their affiliate program.

8. Sendinblue

sendinblue affiliates

This tool’s main functionality is the service of sending emails and email marketing.

It is the first platform of its kind to appear on the list, but not the only one.

Emailing is one of those branches of digital marketing that tends to predict its death with some regularity, however email marketing and sending emails is more alive than ever.

In fact, year after year more people subscribe to the best-known email services, more companies send newsletters, and more and more emails are sent and opened every day.

Of course, we must be more and more original with our campaigns or does anyone remember the email chains to “be lucky” or “not die assassinated or in an accident”?

Sendinblue has a more than interesting affiliate program since it will give you a commission of 5 euros each time a user registers with your referral.

In turn, if that user makes a purchase, you will receive 100 euros of profit.

All about their referral program here.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot affiliates

HubSpot is amazing marketing software.

It is really an all in one, if we talk about CRM and customer management.

Its infinite possibilities of automation of social networks, lead generation, analytics, ticket system and customer service and much more have made more than 100,000 users fall in love, on 7 continents (well, maybe not Antarctica).

It is a quite expensive tool, even so the commissions are very juicy.

You can earn from $250 per sale, up to $1,000.

You can also receive bonuses for each user who registers from your link.

The truth is that you have to keep an eye on it.

If you want to know more about the HubSpot affiliate program, go here.

10. GetResponse

GetResonse Affiliates

We got to 10.

GetResponse is a multi-functional marketing platform.

The most prominent are the email marketing service, website builder, marketing automation, and also sales funnels.

As you can see, a super complete tool that will allow us to grow our projects, whether we are entrepreneurs, an agency, a digital marketer, or a very large company.

Its affiliate program allows you to earn $100 for each sale made.

It also offers the possibility of receiving a monthly recurring income of 33% of our sales.

Another very positive thing is that the cookie lasts 4 months. Yes, 120 days!

More information about the program.

11. Fiverr

fiverr affiliates

And what to say about Fiverr  that hasn’t already been said…

A gigantic platform that unites millions of freelancers of different kinds with companies or people like you or me who require a particular service.

Ideal for those who need logo designs, web design, social media, copywriters, even backlinks (dubious quality).

Commissions vary depending on the Fiverr service promoted.

Between them we have:

  • Fiverrlearn
  • Fiverrworkspace
  • Fiverrbussines

And many more options.

Do you want to know all the commissions it offers? Enter here.

12. Teachable

teachable affiliates

This platform is intended to create courses and thus share your knowledge or expertise with the community.

Used by more than 100 thousand content creators, and according to their count they have sold more than 1 billion dollars in courses and mentoring.

If you want to create a course and sell it, Teachable is a great option, and it is also a great option if you want to promote your platform by offering it to content creators.

The Teachable affiliate program offers very interesting commissions.

Receive a 50% commission with each referral you take to this platform.

The cookie lasts 90 days, and that is something that is valued, even more so considering that a course is not created overnight.

It is estimated that each affiliate earns an average of $450 per month, although there are those who earn more than $1,000 (there will also be many who earn from 0 to 450).

If you want to know more about this platform for creators, I leave you this link.

13. Bluehost

Bluehost Affiliates

Bluehost is another hosting on this list, and they go…

The truth is that if we talk about its characteristics, it is not even close to my favorites.

Although it is a cheap hosting -there are plans from 3 dollars per month- it is not the most suitable for large sites, companies or niches that require the best of the best.

If you are just starting out, it can be a suitable budget option, although there are also cheap and better ones.

However, there is something about Bluehost that if it gets all eyes, I’m talking about its affiliate system.

Each referral you take and register a hosting on this platform will give you a commission of $65.

An amount that is by no means negligible.

Enter this link and learn more about the Bluehost affiliate program.

14. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes afiliados

This website offers templates and themes that have the function of achieving a great conversion and generating profits quickly and effectively.

You can also create funnels and landing pages, as well as email lists, even quizzes and tests.

That said, in Thrive Themes is the template that will allow you to take your WordPress site to the next level when it comes to conversion.

If we talk about its affiliate program, there are certain aspects that are really notable:

  • 35% commission for each sale
  • 25% recurring commission
  • $20 payment threshold
  • Affiliate Training

If you would like to learn more about the affiliate program and sign up, click here.

15. AppSumo

AppSumo Affiliates

This platform is one of my favorites in the world of digital marketing.


Because with AppSumo I can get tools at an incredible price, even lifetime, thanks to the agreements that this company makes with software companies or entrepreneurs.

I have bought a lot of tools at a price that is really well below their real value thanks to AppSumo.

Also its affiliate system has great advantages:

  • You earn 100% of the sale for new users in AppSumo
  • 5% for purchases from existing AppSumo customers.
  • 30 days of cookies

You should check it out if you haven’t already.

I leave you the page to see the AppSumo affiliate program

16. Jarvis

jarvis affiliates

Today, the creation of content through AI has grown enormously.

What’s more, in late November 2021, Google claimed that AI content ranked the same as human-created content.

Making the caveat that, as long as that AI content responds to the search intention of the users.

This is where Jarvis comes into play.

For me, one of the best tools for creating texts with artificial intelligence.

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait to do so, as it has a free trial version.

Their affiliate program is also very interesting.

You will receive a 30% recurring commission for every Jarvis plan sold.

As the user renews his subscription, you will receive 30/100 of what he spent.

Depending on the plan, you can receive from $9 to $299 per month for each subscriber. Amazing!

If you want to know more about your affiliate plan, I leave you this link .

17. Kinsta

Kinsta affiliates

This company offers ‘Premium’ hosting services to more than 22,000 companies throughout the world.

They offer ‘top’ speed and performance in the world of website hosting and hosting.

Other things that stand out are its expert support in multiple languages ​​and the high rating rankings of its users.

That is why Kinsta has become one of the preferred hosting companies of various kinds in the business world.

But, without a doubt, one of the most impressive things about Kinsta is its affiliate program and its commission rates.

Fasten your seatbelt!

The company offers from $50 to $500 for each referral. And that’s not all! It also adds a recurring 10% every month.

If you think about it, the profits can be astronomical just by promoting Kinsta.

If you want to study their Affiliate Program more closely, click here.

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18. Shopify

shopify affiliates

Affiliates also come to platforms or CMS for e-commerce. In this case Shopify .

A company of Canadian origin, founded in 2004 that today is one of the most recognized platforms for creating online stores in the world.

More than 1,700,000 businesses use Shopify, and the company boasts of having generated more than 200 billion dollars to its users in these years.

Their affiliate system requires a minimum commission of $25 dollars, and is paid only through PayPal up to 2 times a month.

Their commissions vary greatly, being able to reach $2,000 per month.

If you want to know more about this affiliate program, click here.

19. WP Engine

WP Engine affiliates

It is one of the most valued hosting by users in all these years.

WP Engine is really a well-known brand in terms of hosting WordPress websites.

It offers plans that start at $23 per month.

Regarding its affiliate program, there are several points to highlight:

  • 10% commission per sale
  • Extra bonus of 10% of the total commission earned from 5 sales.
  • Payments at 60-180 days.
  • You can earn for the referrals of your referrals

If you want to know more about the affiliate program of this magnificent hosting, enter here.

20. WP Rocket

WP Rocket Affiliates

Optimizing the loading speed of your website is a primary positioning factor. We all know that!

In fact, a slow website makes people leave your site faster than a minor thrown out by the security of a nightclub.

That is why a caching plugin like WP Rocket makes a lot of the difference.

More than 2 million optimized sites, and more than 220 thousand satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Its competitors are not even close to its heels and that is why it is a widely purchased and valued WordPress plugin by the SEO community in general.

Its affiliate program allows you to earn a commission of 20% of the sale. In other words:

  • With the individual license you will get $9.80
  • With the Plus license you will earn 18.80 dollars
  • With the infinite license you will generate $49.80 for each referral.

Without a doubt an impressive plugin and affiliate system.

Click to learn all about their affiliate program.

21. ClickFunnels

Affiliate Clickfunnels

This website allows us, as its name already implies, to create funnels or sales funnels easily and quickly.

It is also a builder for websites and funnels, which will allow you to easily create them using a drag and drop system.

Another option is that it offers a one-click shopping cart, which speeds up sales and prevents potential customers from overthinking their purchase.

If you have not tried ClickFunnels I recommend you look at it, it is quite interesting and can greatly accelerate your sales.

In fact, it has a 14-day free trial so that you can clear up your doubts and analyze all its options.

If we talk about its affiliate program, its 40% monthly commissions are really very tempting, it even offers other extras so you can fall in love with this platform.

Enter the link to learn more about the affiliate program.

22. AuthorityHacker

Authority Hacker affiliates

AuthorityHacker is a website created in 2013 that helps website creators through its courses, to be precisely “authority sites”.

They have created and helped create a wide range of sites that have generated millions of dollars. Yes, millions.

Gael Breton and Mark Webster are experts in SEO and Digital Marketing and help thousands of users every month to pursue their dreams.

Through their training in different areas of digital marketing they have generated an unquestionable reputation.

In fact, for me, they are a very interesting reference blog to follow.

They even offer free training so you can learn without having to contribute a single dollar.

Its affiliate system allows you to obtain up to $990 in commission and its cookie lasts 90 days.

Really very attractive, although in English language.

Learn more about their affiliate program.

23. Crocoblock

Crocoblock affiliates

Crocoblock is a site that offers a mind-boggling number of plugins and add-ons for your WordPress or website.

It has hundreds of products that are associated with Elementor and Gutenberg.

Of the most prominent plugins is JetEngine, JetBooking, JetReviews, JetProductGallery, and many more.

Its affiliate system offers a 50% commission for each referred product, but yes, the minimum payment is 400 dollars.

If you want to see all Crocoblock membership possibilities, click here.

24. Thinkific

thinkific affiliates

It is a platform similar to Teachable.

It allows you to create and sell courses and memberships to your users.

Over 50,000 creators use Thinkific , which have generated over $650 million in sales over the years.

It has a free version so you can try the platform.

The best thing about their affiliate program is that you can earn up to $1,700 per referral per year.

Your cookie stays for 90 days, which is really interesting if you want to promote Thinkific.

More of their affiliate program here.

25. BigCommerce

BigCommerce affiliates

BigCommerce is a SaaS that helps companies and brands grow every day.

It is a very complete software that covers everything from site SEO, site speed optimization, landing pages, payment customization, among others.

More than 60,000 merchants use BigCommerce in more than 150 countries around the world.

Its membership system also offers great benefits for its promoters.

Their commissions range from 200% of the first monthly payment of each referral, up to $1,500 if they refer an enterprise customer.

Take a look at their affiliate program

26. ConvertKit

ConvertKit affiliates

ConvertKit is a platform for content creators, which will help promote their products, creations, content, podcasts, among others, through email.

It is a rather interesting tool that offers great automation and a more than interesting ease of use.

This email marketing platform offers a good affiliate system.

You will earn 30% commission for each sale you make.

On its page it also has a very ‘user friendly’ calculator to know with certainty how much money you will generate for X number of referred users.

For example:

  • If you refer 1 user, you will earn a commission of $8.70 per month
  • If you refer 20 users, you will get $174 per month.
  • If you dream big and manage to bring 500 users to them, you will receive $4,350 per month.

The commissions offered by ConvertKit are quite interesting.

Click to learn more about their affiliate program and do calculations in their commission calculator.

27. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO affiliates

It is the turn of one of the tools that has surprised me the most for good in 2021.

We are talking about Surfer SEO , which is an ALL in ONE SEO suite, which will allow you to improve your content by including competitive keywords, measure the number of words in the content on the first page, create custom content from within the platform, and of course, do competitor analysis and much more.

Its best-known competitors are Ahrefs and SEMrush, however when it comes to affiliate programs, it is well above both.

With each affiliate you refer to Surfer SEO, you will earn a 25% monthly commission.

For example, if you refer 10 users who pay for the intermediate plan (Pro) that costs $99 per month, you will get almost $250 in commission that is renewed every month if they continue to be there.


More about their affiliate program

28. Hypefury

hypefury affiliates

This tool to program and manage your Twitter profile (or that of your agency, company, venture, your clients, etc.) is one of the most impressive in terms of functionality that exists today.

With Hypefury you can schedule tweets, group them into categories, retweet and comment on each mention, follow profiles in your sector and take ideas from there, connect with Gumroad to sell your products, among other things that I invite you to discover.

Their affiliate system offers a 25% profit floor when you start. You can achieve 35% commission every month for every customer you refer to Hypefury.

If you want to know more about their affiliate program, enter this link.

29. Canva Pro

Affiliate Canva

Finally we bring a design platform.

We are talking about Canva,  which offers possibilities to create customized designs for presentations, resumes, stories, publications, posters, ebooks, logos, flyers and much more.

Its affiliate system allows you to earn a commission of 36 dollars for each referral that registers in Canva Pro with your affiliate link.

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They also offer regular and flexible payments to adjust them to your needs.

Take advantage of promoting one of the most used online design platforms in the world.

More of your affiliate program.

Best affiliate platforms WorldWide

Now let’s see some of the best affiliate programs, remember that we are no longer talking about software or digital platforms themselves, but now we will see large online stores that have a very motivating affiliate program.

1. Amazon

amazon affiliates

Surely all of us who are reading this post know Amazon.

Not only that, surely 99% of people with internet access know Amazon or have heard of it.

Even in some LATAM countries such as Uruguay or Argentina, which do not have Amazon and Mercado Libre is well established.

Its affiliate system allows you to buy products from countless sellers of different kinds, countries and currencies.

It has several countries that allow you to join their affiliate programs.

Among them:

  • spain
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

To register with Amazon and recommend its products, you must enter here , remember to join the affiliate program of the country that targets your niche.

You can even register in as many countries as you want (and have affiliates).

2. ShareASale

Shareasale affiliates

It is an affiliate platform that is already its years old.

However, it still serves a fairly large number of advertisers.

It has more than 5,000 different affiliate programs on its platform, a number that is by no means insignificant.

It is focused on not so large companies, rather small and medium-sized companies, but the commissions are very profitable.

Some even pay $500 per sale or service, which makes it a more than interesting system.

Companies, despite being small or medium-sized, offer highly profitable products or services.

ShareASale is not the most attractive platform in the world, but it must be weighed.

3. Impact

impact affiliates

Impact is another great affiliate network.

It has more than 2000 different affiliate programs.

It is associated with great brands such as Levis, Uber, Lenovo, HSBC, adidas, McAfee, Canva and many others.

An affiliate network that is really very nice to see and interact with.

Perhaps the worst are the popups of chats, cookies, even sound that leave you a little dizzy at first, but then the elegance is seen.

Perhaps the best thing is that it has advertiser programs that approve your request instantly, so you can start working when you sign up promoting that brand.

You can also request a free demo version and see if it’s what you need.

It is a great advantage that offers.

4. ClickBank

ClickBank affiliates

Another of the oldest platforms after Amazon.

ClickBank has been online since 1998 and continues to offer products that sell for millions today.

It boasts of having sold more than $4 billion over the years and earns 4.5 stars in customer reviews on Trustpilot.

The bad thing is still its interface. It really has stuck in the last century (literally).

You will be able to choose between thousands and thousands of programs or products to promote, being able to do it even without having a website. That is a very big advantage.

You will be able to promote your products through email and social networks without problems.

Perhaps if you are an influencer with a large following, you should take a look.

Another important fact is that you must reach a threshold of $50 to collect and that the payment is made after 60 days.

Try ClickBank here


rakuten affiliates

It is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks in the world.

More than 20 years in affiliate marketing endorse Rakuten.

Rakuten Advertising continues to increase its number and quality of advertisers and affiliate programs day by day.

It has more than 1,000 advertisers and 150,000 affiliates. Yes, you read that right! And they claim to be the best affiliate network in the world for the last 10 years.

What happens with this affiliate network, which may not be so well known in the West, is that it operates mainly in Japan and Asia, although its expansion is becoming stronger.

It is normal to find football shirts sponsored by Rakuten nowadays, for example until a few years ago in the Barcelona FC jersey.

Still, Rakuten still has a long way to go to surpass other advertiser networks in terms of sales and money generation, however, you have to pay close attention to it.

6. Awin

awin affiliates

This is possibly the largest affiliate network in the world, and surely by far!

Awin has more than 16,500 affiliate programs of different brands that are promoted all over the world.

These brands span endless industries and generated more than $1 billion in profit from Awin in 2020.

Some amazing numbers.

In my opinion, it’s a very easy network to understand, where you can offer to advertisers (if they haven’t offered before) and promote their products without any difficulties.

Its interface is simple after you start using it.

If you come from Amazon, it may be a bit difficult for you in the first few days, but it does not have a very high learning curve.

If you haven’t tried Awin yet, it’s time to check it out.

7. Commision Junction

affiliated CJ

CJ Affiliate, CJ, or as it was previously known as Commission Junction is another old affiliate network that dates back to the last century, more precisely founded in 1998 in California.

They generated more than 1.8 trillion dollars for their advertisers in 2020, and works alongside big brands like CNN, BuzzFeed, Office Depot, Disney, Samsung and many more.

It currently has approximately 2,500 affiliate programs, so it won’t be difficult to find one that you can promote.

Of course, it is practically based on the Anglo-Saxon market, so if you want to advertise its advertisers, you must surely make pages for that language and that region of the world.

Get to know CJ Affiliate from the inside.


Here we looked at several of the best affiliate marketing tools, both for joining company programs and tools that are based on affiliate programs.

Many times when we start making niches, or even after several years in it, we tend to delve into those methods that make us generate money, and we repeat the formula day by day.

However, SEO, the market, companies, and mainly Google tend to change continuously from time to time.

That is why we will never know for sure if what works for us today will work for us tomorrow.

That one day what we do so well goes to hell and we run out of money, cannot be an option.

Affiliate marketing is one of the many methods and ways that we have to generate money with our websites or digital knowledge.

It is also one of the branches of marketing that I personally like the most and that usually generates the most passive income every month.

There are many networks and affiliate programs, as I told you above.

If you are starting out in this, Amazon is a great option to learn.

However, Amazon is another of the affiliate forms that exist, as we see above in the list, there are many more affiliate platforms and programs that you can use to diversify your earnings.

The affiliate market is so broad that each one must investigate and choose what best suits their knowledge and websites.

I hope the post has been useful to you and if you enjoyed reading it, much better!

What other platform or affiliate network have you used and recommended?

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