What is Speech Recognition and how does it work?

Speech recognition is a technological system that is being used more and more. Its usefulness is reflected in those situations where our hands are busy . Although it is also used for reasons of comfort and speed, despite having the hands free.

Talking with our mobile devices, issuing orders to our car while driving, and issuing messages to voice systems installed in our home are some of the virtues that voice recognition provides us.

In turn, the benefits it provides in the professional and business field is highly remarkable, since its usefulness lies in saving time and resources in those situations that warrant it.

In medicine, for example, it helps to write reports faster, diagnoses are faster, and the general management of medical work is more optimal.

Speech Recognition Definition

Voice recognition or speech recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence whose purpose is to enable communication between humans and computer systems.

A voice recognition system has the ability to detect and understand the words that a human being emits naturally.

There are more or less sophisticated voice recognition systems, with those who understand words easily, and others with more difficulties in understanding human speech.

How does voice recognition work?

The internal operation of a speech recognition system is complex , but in summary, it works like this:

  1. The system detects the words that a human emits.
  2. It then converts these words into a format that is machine readable.
  3. Finally, based on the message received, the system proceeds to react. This reaction may be carrying out an order, offering a response, or following the flow of a conversation.

voice recognition applications

  • Car systems: To control some operations inside the car. Like, for example, activate the GPS, make a call, or play a song.
  • Voice dictation: Voice dictation is a system that automatically writes everything we dictate. It is the most common application in speech recognition.
  • Control by commands: It consists of a series of commands to control the computer. The number of commands it identifies is low.
  • Telephone scope: Allows you to execute commands by speaking in a telephone conversation to a non-human agent, instead of pressing physical or tactile buttons.
  • Mobile devices: It can also be used in small and mobile devices (smart watches, mobile phones, accelerometers, etc.) to issue orders and avoid manipulating them in uncomfortable situations.
  • Systems for people with disabilities: Depending on the type of disability that a person has, they will use one device or another, and according to this device, a voice recognition system can be used to help manage their problem.
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Voice recognition features

  • To perfect speech recognition systems, several disciplines have had to intervene: artificial intelligence, computer science, signal processing, linguistics, acoustics, and physiology.
  • The first indications of this discipline can be found in the year 1950.
  • A key element for the great advance that speech recognition has had in recent years has been thanks to machine learning.
  • The most relevant companies in this field are: Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), and Amazon (Alexa). These being the large corporations that have brought the most notable technologies to the industry.

Voice recognition technologies: a key element in improving the customer experience

“Hey Siri, schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 12.” “Ok Google, tell me how I can get to the event this afternoon.” “Alexa, what do I have on my calendar today?”

It is very likely that, as a professional, you have used the most recognized voice assistants for some tasks. All of these resources use what is known as natural language processing(NLP), in which artificial intelligence (AI) technology is used to understand and process natural human language. Furthermore, an attempt is made to give an appropriate response based on the emotional tone of the user’s voice.

We are talking about speech recognition , a very powerful tool with enormous benefits, but it still faces a series of significant challenges. Precisely because the objective is for the language of these machines to be as natural as possible, they must be able to understand and distinguish aspects such as:

  • Contextual words and phrases and homonyms
  • synonyms
  • irony and sarcasm
  • Ambiguity
  • Errors in text or speech
  • Colloquialisms, slang and accents
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In addition, in its development it is not the same that the machine has to listen and understand what a human tells it and give a result in text than if it has to also return it in voice.

In any case, given all the possibilities that this technology has, this market is expected to increase by 24% each year between now and 2023, according to Market Research Future. Not surprisingly, 91% of voice assistant users search the Internet with their voice , according to a survey 6,000 adults in the UK, US and Germany by May 2021.

But this technology is not only used to respond to consumer queries and searches, but can also help companies , their marketing and sales departments, obtain customer records, better understand their needs and respond to them. successful and, therefore, a better customer experience .


How voice technology affects the customer experience

Voice continues to be one of the preferred channels for users when communicating with companies

That is why companies must adapt their devices, their channels and messages to voice. If your company has a omnichannel marketing strategy, in the not too distant future it will not be relevant where in the funnel voice assistants should be located. Although now they are more present in the after-sales part, as voice recognition programs develop, they will be more present in all phases of marketing.

Voice can be key to delivering post-purchase interaction and engagement . With it we can confirm the order, send notifications of the delivery date and provide tracking information.

It is essential to take care of the different touchpoints that we have with the consumer and ensure that we correctly trace and store the information that you share with us to avoid duplications that can scare you away. If you have already left us your personal data, if you have already explained to us what your problem is, asking a second or third time will only get us fed up with our brand. Multichannel also requires us to coordinate all communication channels with users and join efforts to resolve our audience’s complaints, doubts or demands as quickly as possible.

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Key voice tools and apps

Companies can take advantage of the use of voice tools in their business in many ways. The possibility of integrating this program with your CRM is important to get the most out of it. An agile implementation is another of the points in favor, as well as the possibility of working in the cloud and connecting to the tool from any geographical point, with free access at all times.

Call centers currently face a long list of challenges :

  • Availability . A call center cannot afford falls, it would place the company at a critical point.
  • infrastructures . Thanks to these cloud models, infrastructure can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Uniformity in the analytics . Relate the data obtained through the voice channel with the other channels.
  • Integration . The connectivity of your call center with other applications and programs.

There is a record and recording of calls that are transcribed in real time and so the agent can see it on his screen while answering the query. The transcript makes it easy for the AI ​​to make response recommendations, provide insight, and advise the agent on what decisions to make. The objective is always the same: both to facilitate the employee’s work and to improve the user experience.

Implementing a technology-supported voice channel not only opens the door to new business opportunities, but also improves the relationship with the customer and provides a great competitive advantage to companies in a context in which they need it. Bet on the useful technology of Salesforce.



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