Top 20 Online Shopping Sites

There are numerous shopping sites, so which one to trust and get the best deals? Are you in this dilemma too? Here is the list made through proper research and can cater to all your answers about the best online shopping sites for discount products in India.

Top 20 Online Shopping Sites for Discount Products in India

Online shopping has become a trend not only in urban and major metro cities but it has also become a boom in even semi-urban and rural parts of India. It is slowly creeping into India, in today’s time people buy everything online from groceries to furniture, clothes and whatnot. There are more than 600 shopping websites in India as e-commerce has flourished so much.

The online platform sells all the stuff seamlessly from payments to doorstep delivery or return policy, everything is just amazing, that’s the reason online portals made more profit compared to retail stores on Diwali last year. In fact, according to the reports, it has been seen that there has been a huge jump in online sales this year.

Online shopping has made shopping hassle-free as there is no need to travel for shopping and they even give the best discounts and cashback offers. But few years back the scenario was completely different as people were afraid of online fraud and payments but now due to increased security but sometimes it is a difficult task to find out which website is trustworthy and which is not. Also which site offers the best discount.

Here is the list of top 20 online shopping sites for discount products in India:

1) Amazon India

Amazon India

It is one of the most trusted and well-known global online marketing leaders. was launched in India in 2013; they started with books and then started selling clothes, movies, mobile phones, electronics, furniture and all other products. It is important for you to know that Amazon has been the best as the cheapest online shopping website in India.

With the app, customers can even shop at the partner stores, meaning you can buy your favorite brands at discounted prices at home. They also offer a premium subscription which is for Rs.999 for a year, in this you will get same day delivery or within 24 hours in selected cities, free videos, no shipping charges on many items and much more.

If you were to compare from other sites, their rates are at least 5% less than other sites on mostly all the products. They offer great shopping experience, less scams, amazing customer service, consistency and lowest prices. It attracts many customers because they offer great deals and the other reason is that their website is very user friendly. It is one of the most popular websites as they have sold around 100 million products in India alone.

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Flipkart has more than 100 categories and has more than 80 million products in it, making it second on the list. There are many people who depend on this website for shopping as they offer amazing deals and their products are reliable and of excellent quality. They sell everything from gift cards to clothing, electronics, furniture, home appliances and what not.

Flipkart has a pan-India delivery network and also launched new services in 2018 like bill payments, mobile recharge, flight booking, grocery shopping, etc. People love to use Flipkart because they give huge discounts and deliver the products for free within 2-3 days usually. It is known to be more sensitive to the Indian market.

Flipkart holds around 40% of the Indian market, it outperforms its competitors during the four-day festive sale, where they offer incredible deals. This is one of the top cheap online websites in India. The only thing we can say about Flipkart is that they never disappoint you.


This website caters to the fashion needs for kids, men and women or it can also be said that it is an exclusive fashion and lifestyle online store. This website is very famous among the young generation as they buy high quality fashion wear at reasonable prices. It is an American brand but is doing very well in the Indian market.

In addition to clothes, they also sell shoes, jewelry and other accessories. They also have a luxury store that offers premium fashion and luxury brands. People love this brand because it also offers discounts and deals on listed products; it delivers the products within 1 day in delhi and 2 days for other top cities.

They also offer a unique feature called ‘The Juice’ which is an online guide to fashion and the latest trends from India and worldwide. This brand is loved by women shoppers and is a favorite place for people who love fashion.

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You must have heard about this famous e-commerce site that sells fashion products. They have made the clothes shopping easy and comfortable as they have tied up with top lifestyle and fashion brands like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. They have made it simple for customers as they from both the website and the app.

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It has become the favorite online shopping site for youngsters as it is a cheap online shopping site, where you get high fashion goods at affordable and reasonable prices. There are very few online sites that can compete with the rates and offers that Myntra offers. On their online site they have a large number of categories from where you can buy anything from ethnic to traditional to western, there are all kinds of clothes on Myntra.

You can find clothes for children, adults, teenagers and adults. They also offer great furniture and home decor products at affordable prices. You can choose from many national and international brands that consist of luxury and budget-friendly products.

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5) Shopclues.Com - Best Shopping Sites in India 2020

This e-commerce online store was established in the year 2011, they offer many product lines such as clothing, home appliances, electronics, personal care, clothing, toys and much more. They are known for providing products at discounted prices in India. The good thing about them is that they have easy payment methods, free shipping and simple and free returns.

They are one of the best and fastest growing online shopping sites as they offer a wide range of offers and a huge list of products to choose from. People are more attracted to this website as the products they offer are genuine, reliable and of good quality.

So this site is for people who adore high quality products, love high quality shopping experience and also believe in saving money.

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Pepper braai

This website comes under the top online shopping website that sells fantastic furniture for home, offices and other places. It caters to other product categories such as kitchen accessories, cookware, lampshades, toilet accessories, hardware and electronics, etc., but it is famous for its furniture and furniture products.

They offer 50% off on many product categories which attract many customers. They offer their customers a variety of payment methods plus no-cost EMI.

Most people want to see the furniture before they buy, but after Pepperfry launched its products online, they changed their minds. They not only provide high-quality products, but also give you useful tips and guidelines on how to choose furniture, decor, etc. to choose according to your needs. They also provide furniture rental services in few cities.

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You must have heard a lot about Paytm , as it has become one of the leading names in digital wallets. This site offers you everything you need, be it grocery, bill payments, recharge, tickets, electronics, mobiles, shoes, bags, and what not. It started as a mobile recharge app, but now it offers all the other products you might need.

It attracts more and more customers because along with discounts they also offer a lot of cashback options, which makes it quite different from other shopping sites as it saves a lot of money. The only catch here is that you can buy anything from Paytm mall but you will have to pay with Paytm mobile wallet only.

They have a good reputation because their products are 100% authentic and of good quality. The cashback you get from shopping that can be redeemed in the next shopping, recharge or bill payments. In the year 2016, it came on the top 10 online shopping sites in India during demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs1000 notes of Indian currency.

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first cry

It is India’s largest store selling products for children. They have over 70,000 items that are from over 2,000 top international and Indian brands. They concentrate on selling baby products such as toys, clothes, nappies, prams, shoes and even maternity books.

They provide you with almost every product needed for childcare. provides you with great products and brands at fair and affordable prices. Not only do moms love this site because they offer baby products, but they also have another section specifically dedicated to the needs of nursing moms.

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9) BigBasket

shopping basket

This is the best website for women because they can buy groceries at discounted prices at home. They have started a relaxed way of grocery shopping as they have more than 18,000 products and more than 100 brands in the catalog where you can find everything you need for your home. They are counted among the best pioneers of online shopping in India.

Here you will find all the household related products such as personal care, dairy, fruits and vegetables, gourmet, packaged products, meat, fish, spices, grains, beverages and much more. Another good thing about them is that along with various deals and offers, they also offer up to 20% cashback on various credit and debit cards.

The huge success of this online store comes from big cities where people have less time to save for food and other essential household products. They operate in around 25 cities where they provide free home delivery on any order above Rs.1000 and above. You will be glad to know that you can choose the delivery slot as per your availability and convenience.

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10) Meesho

This is another famous website among online shoppers. The listed products on this site start from kitchen appliances, mobile phones, books, sports, fitness and much more. Every day they offer you super offers on various products where you get the best products at reasonable prices. The only downside with them is that they may deliver the products to you a bit late, but if you don’t mind waiting, this can be the best online shopping site at discounted prices in India.

This site is very reliable and there are chances that you can easily find the most reasonable and remote item on their site. This site cannot be trusted in case of emergency, rest they have all the features like free shipping, good deals, good quality products and amazing collection.

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This is a fantastic online shopping store for both men and women. Along with great deals, they also offer stylish and trendy clothes with an amazing collection. They offer an abundance of products such as jewelry, clothing, shoes, footwear, beauty products and many more. They bring numerous international and Indian brands, apart from collaborating with international designers.

This brand is entirely inspired by the international market where they also provide global ranges at nominal prices at your doorstep. The good thing about them is that they offer discounts on different brands worldwide from time to time. It has made its presence and uniqueness through exclusive design collaborations and its capsule collaboration with pocket-friendly prices.

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This online shopping website features products from more than 800 categories in which they have more than 35 million products and has become one of the top shopping destinations. As the name suggests, it initially started with giving excellent deals to the customers, consisting of deals on spas, restaurants, travel, etc.

After that it introduced its other product categories like laptops, kitchen appliances, books, mobile phones and other such items at discounted prices. Discounts are available on this online store 24X&X365 and that too with quick delivery schedules and flexibility of payments.

Due to the user-friendly website and great deals, it has millions of users and more than 3,00,000 sellers. It has become one of the best online shopping sites because it delivers to more than 6000 cities in the world and is known for its fast delivery system plus its ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and market demand.

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This website was incorporated in the year 2015, it is an e-commerce platform for online shopping of groceries, vegetables, fruits, cosmetics and other daily required products. In fact, people who believe that it is expensive to buy groceries online, then they should visit grocers. The credit for changing the trend in India for grocery shopping and other household products goes to Grofers.

They offer premium grocery products at affordable prices along with assured timely delivery. In India they work in 26 major cities where people have less time to buy these household products, they can just choose the products and time for delivery and it will be delivered at your doorstep. It is very easy to order the products from it as it automatically detects your location or if you want you can also choose the city or state for which you want to order the products.

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lens card

In earlier times, wearing glasses was considered a symbol of aging or frowned upon by youngsters, but with the launch of Lenskart, this perception has changed. It is an Indian online portal that offers a wide range of products from prescription glasses to sunglasses and contact lenses.

The interesting thing about this site is that you can try any number of frames at home. They offer an offer on various premium brands like Police, RayBan, Dior, etc. which attracts more customers to them. They have an omnichannel approach with a rapidly growing offline presence as well. They offer a diverse range of eyewear for both men and women. Lenskart is currently available in just 7 cities but plans to expand and offer its services in other cities soon.

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This online portal is from Reliance industries and was launched in the year 2016. It has a large portfolio of branded, owned and select collections from India and worldwide. They offer a good collection of private labels for women. They have an exclusive Indian collection, which also has a variety of products by boutiques and artisans from around the world.

You will be happy to know that on this online site you will find more than 200 national and international brands for shoes, maternity wear, clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Ajio can also be said to be a trendy online store that focuses on fashion conscious people.

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So they offer you a fantastic collection at great prices, fast delivery and good quality products, which means you will have a great shopping experience.

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Jerk off

This online store is especially for women because here they can find all the cosmetics, dresses, accessories, skin care, body care, fragrances and all other products related to beauty and wellness. Carrying more than 850 makeup brands in its online store, in just a few years it has become a one-stop destination for purchasing top personal care brands.

The reason people like it more is that they even provide expert advice and consultation through online chat and assisted shopping helplines. The best thing about this site is that they offer almost all the beauty products at discount prices compared to the stores or other online sites. They have many national and international brands from where you can buy any personal or beauty care products at the best prices.

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It is one of the most famous pharmacy stores in India. They offer a wide variety of prescription medications, you can order any prescription medication or health products online at The most beneficial thing about this website is that they also help you book the appointments with the nearby doctors and you can also book lab tests online with them as well.

On this site, you can get all kinds of medicines like Ayurvedic , homeopathic, allopathic, nutritional supplements, etc. Their vision is to make healthcare life easy and accessible for people. People have started ordering medicine online because here they get huge discounts plus they also offer you many options so that you can also get the substitute for the medicine at lower prices.

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From the house of Tata, this is an amazing online store where you can buy apparels, home lines, toiletries, electronics, smartphones, jewelry and much more. The best thing about them is that the buyers who shop online can also return it to any of the physical stores of the group, so it can also be called a physical e-commerce marketplace.

This online store is growing tremendously in this tough competitive environment. They provide you with a marketplace and option to buy from the luxury brand store sitting at your home. Since this online store is from Tata, so there is no doubt about the reliability and quality of the products.

To make you happy and they give exclusive offers of the day on various products, where you can save a lot of money by buying products at discounted prices.

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19) Urban

Urban slap

A few years ago there was a problem with finding service in local areas, but Urban Clap has made it simple and easy for you. Here you can find services like dry cleaning, house cleaning, electrician, carpenter, personal services, spa, interior designer, beautician, etc. everything at home in just a few clicks. It is available in 8 major cities and plans to expand in others as well.

It has become one of the most recognized and fastest growing companies in India as they provide services at affordable prices, the staff are also experienced and verified, and they also give many offers and discounts.

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They are common

This is one of the most popular and best underwear shopping website in India, you will find almost all the underwear brands on this online portal. It was established a few years back in 2011 but has gained a lot of popularity among women as it offers good quality underwear and underwear.

The exciting thing about this site is that it has set the trend by encouraging women to shop for all the innerwear without inhibitions. Here you can buy bras, pants, swimwear, sportswear and nightwear. You can buy it all at home at great prices and from the best brands.

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get ready

Online shopping can sometimes be confusing due to the number of online sites available in the market, but after reading this article it should have become clear which are the best online shopping sites for discount products in India. Before buying any product online, make sure to check if they have flexible payment policy, return policy, hidden charges, manufacturers guarantee/guarantee and delivery speed and charges. So what’s your favorite shopping site?

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