16 Best Fiverr Alternatives (Sites Like Fiverr)

Fiverr Alternatives

If you are a freelancer, then you must have heard about this enormous freelance marketplace called Fiverr. This site helps you find work as a freelancer. This is one of the most famous platforms where they have more than a million freelancers on their books, and you can easily find people who meet your requirements.

It is an excellent platform to search for work, connect with potential clients and present your work. Here you can get talent from all over the world to get the tasks done instead of hiring a full time staff. On Fiverr, you can find work starting at $5, as the name suggests. It takes 20% commission or you can also say that out of $5 you have to pay $1 to Fiverr.

But there are several disadvantages with Fiverr, such as they don’t have a good selection process; thus, anyone and everyone can be a part of it, which hinders the quality, plus the solution process is vague and much more. People are looking for the best Fiverr alternatives to get better people to work for at a reasonable price.

16 Best Fiverr Alternatives – Sites Like Fiverr

Brush up your CV and update it with all the skills you possess as the below-mentioned websites will help you get an excellent job as per your needs and the best part is that they are all reliable and have good reviews. Here are some of the best sites like Fiverr, both for freelancers and businesses looking for people to get work done:

1. Upwork

Upwork homepage

It is one of the biggest competitors and alternatives to Fiverr. This company was founded after the merger of Elance and oDesk; they used to be top freelance sites . Upwork offers a broad spectrum of services and has set guidelines to ensure that all transactions take place seamlessly.

On Upwork, you can find jobs related to writing, IT and programming, marketing, graphic design, app development and various other niches. As a freelancer, you can create detailed profiles and add links to previous projects, and set your own hourly rates. You can opt for their free or paid programs as per your requirement.


  • Upwork offers a wide range of gigs. Here you will find numerous job categories, from social media management to web design, virtual assistant , writing, blogging, typing and much more.
  • The big advantage for freelancers is that they can get a full-time deal if the client is satisfied with their work.
  • Flexible rental and payment options.
  • Upwork only charges 10% of the money freelancers earn, which is half of what Fiverr charges.


  • It is sometimes difficult to get a job on Upwork as you have to create your own network by getting a large number of positive reviews. This process can be very time-consuming.

2. Freelancer

Freelance Home Page | Best Fiverr Alternatives

It is a great place for both freelancers and businesses as it is a large and budgetable platform. Here you can be sure of high quality work because they have more than 41 million freelancers working for them who can do even the most difficult work for you. They have over 850 categories to choose from, which means that if you have any talent, there’s a job waiting for you on Freelancer.

Here you can find jobs related to content writing, data entry, human resources, transcription, web design, etc. First you need to complete the registration process and after that you can subscribe to them. You get 8 free apps from them before you start with the premium version.


  • They have unlimited job options, which means that freelancers have many opportunities that they can grab.
  • The good part about it is that freelancers have the option to choose their own working hours. This enables greater flexibility and freedom in the choice of assignments.
  • It comes with a downloadable app that helps you keep track of time. This benefits you in pay as you can keep a screenshot of your working hours and send it to the company as proof of how long you worked.
  • An existing recruiter makes hiring easier (for a fee)


  • On Freelancer, it has been observed that employers usually choose more experienced freelancers, making it difficult for beginners to find work.

3. Guru

Guru homepage

It is one of the best sites like Fiverr because it has a massive pool of talent with over 2 million active job seekers. It was founded in 1998, making it one of the oldest freelance job market sites on the list. It is a networking platform that mainly focuses on professional services and offers services mainly related to design work.

You can easily find millions of experienced freelancers here for any of your requirements, from designing to logo making or lawn mowing etc. They also provide their users with a distinct feature called Work Room , which makes it easier for users to manage numerous jobs at once.


  • Guru is recommended for small companies where a single person can do the full task.
  • It offers you easy and time-saving ways to communicate with freelancers, get invoices and pay via a secure internal system.
  • It offers a messaging service that can be used in a browser for both Android and Windows, making it easy for both businesses and freelancers to communicate.
  • Guru empowers more safety and protection for both buyers and sellers.


  • Not much use for large companies as it would be difficult to maintain.

4. Toptal

Top number homepage | Best Fiverr Alternatives

Toptal is a short form of top talent, and they prove what they say. They have a different work strategy compared to the others on the list because they make up the top 3% of freelance talent in the industry. This means that you will get top quality workers on Toptal and you will have to pay them accordingly.

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All the freelancers they offer are screened through a five-step process consisting of skill assessment tests, interviews and a test project which implies they employ the best talent. They offer workers some specific skills, and you won’t find any writers or social media marketers here.

Therefore, if you need some high-end workers and have a high budget, Toptal should be the first platform you should consider.


  • As a businessman, you can be sure that you are getting the best technical talent.
  • It has one of the best screening processes. Toptal eliminates 97% of applicants and makes it to the elite with 3%. So if you can get through the screening process, you will surely get high commission gigs.
  • On Toptal you get matching services quickly, eliminating the frustration of renting.
  • You don’t have to worry about scams or low quality work as it is a safer and less risky platform.


  • Their strict selection process limits your chances of being hired, especially if you are a beginner.


5. PeoplePerHour.com

PeoplePerHour homepage

This is one of the best Fiverr alternatives , as it has a similar setup. It is open to anyone to join, but they are interviewed before being added to the platform. It is also more secure than Fiverr. The platform is therefore more suitable for small businesses where they can meet freelancers who can help them with their projects quickly and efficiently.

You can find jobs in various niches on PeoplePerHour, such as content writing, marketing, accounting, design, etc. With this, you can be sure that you are getting high quality services for the money you pay. The good part is that you can be hired here by project or hourly; you can choose according to your availability.


  • It has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easier for you to see the entire hiring process. This makes it a transparent process for both businesses and candidates.
  • Companies looking to cut costs will find it useful as PeoplePerHour is a budget-friendly platform.
  • PeoplePerHour vets their freelancers and protects them from any fraud.
  • Businesses opt for this platform as freelancers tend to be more experienced due to the strict guidelines for job seekers.


  • Their user interface is slightly difficult to understand.

6. Truelancer

Truelancer home page | Best Fiverr Alternatives

It is a relatively newer tool in the market but is better than several other old tools. They have professionals from all over the world, so businesses can benefit from this as many people come from areas with a lower cost of living. As a result, foreign freelancers and businesses can benefit more from this compared to local freelancers.

On this platform, you can find jobs related to numerous niches like IT, programming, web design, finance, admin, SEO, etc. Another advantage of using this platform is that it is one of the cheapest platforms mentioned in the list. Truelancer offers you three options to search for a freelancer. You can search for them under predefined gigs, content-based crowdsourcing options, or by filtering the profiles of freelancers.


  • On Truelancer you can explore a wide spectrum of freelance jobs and classify them by city to find the closest job according to your location.
  • The best thing is that you can also request a sample of work from the candidate before giving them the job.
  • You can analyze all the freelancers and interview them before choosing the final applicant.
  • You can also access Truelancer from a browser, Android and iPhone device.


  • Unfortunately, if your work is rejected, you get a refund from the client after 30 days, Truelancer charges you about 5% of your total project amount.

7. SolidGigs

SolidGigs home page

This is a perfect website for freelancing beginners because here you can find numerous types of jobs related to accounting, administration, design, transcription and much more. They also send you daily notifications of the top 1% of jobs available on the platform. You can easily get a job here without saving much time as their hiring process is quite simple.

All you have to do is sign up; Once your registration is complete, you will start receiving emails about some of the best jobs available on the site. Besides proving you with great job opportunities, it also gives applicants resources that can help them improve their freelancing skills.


  • It offers more than 127 courses, videos, tutorials, lessons, tools, templates and other tools to boost your skills and level up your freelance career.
  • Get daily job alerts, which can be a huge time saver as you don’t have to spend hours or days trying to find a perfect job.
  • It provides you quick access to interviews without any hassle.


  • SolidGigs is relatively expensive from others on the list. Their payment is $2 for the first day, and after that it is $19 per month.


8. Outsourcely

Outsource Homepage | Websites like Fiverr

It is one of the top Fiverr alternatives founded in 2014. They have positioned themselves as a network for staffing and monitoring your start-up instead of hiring freelancers for one project. Clients select freelancers and give them remote jobs that can be either full-time or part-time jobs. You can choose the remote worker you want to hire instead of choosing different freelancers to do the work.

This platform is perfect for you if you want to build a long-term relationship with freelancers. They have registered more than 2,50,000 people from all over the world with them which means you can get amazing talent and you can also select the candidates as per country if your business requires it.

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  • Outsourcers pay their workers directly at no extra cost.
  • It is a perfect choice for companies looking for part-time or full-time positions with remote staff.
  • The best part is that they serve clients with packages for individual, business and professional services. All of them come with their own unique features and fee.
  • Employers can screen workers directly.


  • Outsourcing is not preferable for one-off assignments.

9. Gigbucks

Gigbucks home page

This is an excellent platform where you can easily find short-term gigs. They take a 20% commission from the paid gigs, just like Fiverr. The best part is that it enables the users to set the prices according to their choice and skills; they can choose from $5 to $50 for their services.

You can contact the buyers directly, but they can choose the one they like the most. Gigbucks facilitates freelancers to post as many gigs as they want, but it is not recommended to post on the same positions again and again as it may lead to your account suspension.


  • Along with the standard digital services, the other categories it offers are silly, fun and quirky, and gift ideas.
  • Buyers and sellers can both post a gig for free. You can upload unlimited gigs as it increases the chances of getting a job.
  • Gigbucks comes with a review and tier system , which helps top-performing freelancers stay on top of the page and get the maximum offers.
  • They provide excellent customer service with a quick response rate.


  • They have a payment limit of up to $50.
  • The big downside is that until you reach Gig Level 3, you have to wait 14 days before withdrawing the money you’ve earned.

10. 99 designs

99designs homepage | Websites like Fiverr

It’s a great platform, especially for designers. Here you can easily find a job as a designer as they post thousands of jobs every day. It connects designers with clients who have design projects and need high quality work.

To get work on 99designs, you will first need to post your design; after that you can check the proposals and review the previous work submitted by prospective designers. After that you can choose the candidate you like and hire them for your project.

They have so many options that you can easily find the type of job you are looking for. The type of job includes product and website design, making logos and newsletters, and much more. You can advertise all kinds of design work here, and there are plenty of people ready to pay you for your skills. According to the data on their website, designers collectively earn about $900,000 per month, and they have issued at least $12 million.


  • Get high quality services without much effort.
  • Relatively reasonable than others on the list.
  • Easy to use interface.


They have limited post categories as they are mainly for designers only.

11. FreeUp

FreeUp homepage

This amazing platform was founded in 2015 by two e-commerce entrepreneurs named Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan. This is one of the leading websites to find a job because here you get a different kind of job according to your skills. Here you can find jobs in various niches like design, accounting, writing, advertising, virtual assistant, etc.

They do a background check on all the employees so that the businesses or people who hire them do not have to worry about the credibility of the candidates. You will be surprised to know that they only hire the top 1% of applicants.


  • The best part about FreeUp is that businesses can sign up and submit work for free. They can also find top quality applicants within one business day.
  • Around the clock customer service.
  • If a freelancer quits in between, FreeUp will immediately replace them for the clients and cover replacement costs if any.
  • They make weekly payments.


  • They cater more for agencies looking to hire.


12. FlexJobs

FlexJobs home page | Websites like Fiverr


If you are looking for a platform where job search becomes easier for you, then FlexJobs is the best option. You can find numerous types of jobs here to match your skills and experience. On FlexJobs you can find flexible freelance jobs, which means you can work according to your availability.

Once you sign up, you can create your profile, and you’ll have access to infinite posts in numerous niches. This is a reliable platform because here you don’t have to worry about scams, duplicate posts, broken links or ads here. You also don’t have to visit the portal repeatedly to check for new job postings, as they send an email alert when an employer posts a job.


  • On this platform, you can find excellent, hand-picked, professional and reliable part-time jobs. 5,460 companies use FlexJob, with more than 29,000 jobs accessible to job seekers.
  • Candidates have a great opportunity to get good quality jobs without much effort.
  • FlexJobs offers over 50 gig categories; here you can find different types of jobs from freelance to full time to part time, local to global, or anything according to your requirements.


  • Quality never comes for free; so you will have to pay if you use FlexJobs services.

13. Workhoppers

Workhoppers home page

This is one of the best Fiverr alternatives because here you can get different types of work and work at your convenience. Workhoppers can be said to be an online-offline platform used by various businesses to search for temporary workers in the city. They provide clients with workers who can work on different work schedules, such as temporary, one-off or part-time.

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It has an easy-to-use interface because all you have to do is post the job and the system will automatically show you the list of candidates that match your job description, and you can select any candidate that you want by checking their profile.


  • Flexible payment schedule.
  • On Workhoppers, you can find freelancers from different niches such as business, technology, finance, media, marketing, article writing, transcription, health and support.
  • The best part is that here you can check the profiles for previous projects that the candidates have worked on. Once you select and hire the candidate, you can message them directly and negotiate terms and conditions for the project.


  • Benefits are not as great as a contract worker.


14. Envato Studio

Envato Studio home page

It is an amazing platform where you can get a plethora of jobs in designing, web development, online marketing, programming, video and animation, etc. They have handpicked the designers and developers, which means you can get top quality workers for your project. They ensure you get the best results and enable workers to make money doing what they love.

If you have an urgent requirement for any of your projects, you will undoubtedly find the right talent for the task in no time. Their hiring process is fast because they automatically provide you with a list of candidates that fit your project. The unique thing is that they allow both parties to share files and communicate with each other.


  • Easy to use. You can post the job within a few minutes and that too in just a few steps.
  • Envato Studio offers one of the most talented creative designers and web developers on the market.
  • Employers can carefully compare prices and choose the best freelancer as they have a large pool of professionals. So you can choose the worker that best suits your budget; this will help you save money while hiring the best.


  • Envato Studio does not accept custom orders.

15. Codeable.io

Codable homepage | Best Fiverr Alternatives

It is one of the best sites like Fiverr because it is full of high-quality professionals who can help you with your projects. It is the only WordPress freelance platform that is full of WordPress experts. They have freelance developers to do anything, whether you want to fix the error on your WordPress site or develop a custom plugin.

You can find candidates who work on every aspect of WordPress, such as honoring, performance, themes, custom development and integration, e-commerce development, and much more.


  • The best part about Codeable is that they have a full refund policy if you don’t like the work delivered by the worker.
  • You get 24/7 assistance from their support team. You can contact them by email or phone.
  • They do a background check on all WordPress applicants. They check various parameters like their English, experience in freelancing, technical knowledge (if any) and communication.


  • Limited to WordPress only.


16. SEO Clerk

SEO clerk home page

This is a perfect platform for you if you are looking for a job specifically in the field of SEO, online marketing, website development, article writing, mobile app development and ebook ghostwriting. Jordan Delozier founded this platform in 2011, and since then many freelancers and businesses have joined it as they offer numerous types of jobs in the SEO niche.

You will be surprised to know that apart from hiring, they also help the businesses to buy social media followers, backlinks for your website and link wheels. The cost of these services may vary according to your requirement, but can run up to several hundred dollars.


  • SEO Clerk allows you to filter jobs by price, level, experience, skills, etc.
  • It provides a seamless method to review employers and freelancers.
  • The best part is that they send you emails about jobs related to the job you applied for.
  • To make it easier for buyers, they include the number of likes received from previous transactions on the profiles and mailing list.
  • It automatically ranks you into different user tiers based on merit. You earn level upgrades by the quality of your work and by making timely deliveries.


  • It is limited to offering SEO services and jobs.

These were some of the best Fiverr alternatives that you can opt for because here you can get the best talent and amazing jobs without any hassle. Most of them are free and you can choose them according to your skills and requirements.

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