12 best stock market trading program in india

Today we are going to discuss some of the best stock market trading programs in India.

Nowadays, technology is growing so fast that people do not stick to one technique or way of getting information or performing an activity. Similar is the case with the stock market. Now people not only stick to their mobile phones, televisions and their computer screens but also use different applications that have evolved over time. Many applications in this segment are launched every day.

The introduction of these applications has brought about a revolution in the investment segment. These apps help people invest and sell and also track their investments in simple ways.

What are stock market trading programs?

These applications are the applications that provide customers with platforms or an easy way to carry out their investments and sales in the stock market only through their mobile phones. They don’t have to go to agents and also pay commission. People can just sit at home and trade and track their investments. The way these apps have gained reputation and importance in recent years is commendable.

Why these apps are in demand and gaining popularity?

Some of the main reasons why stock trading apps are gaining popularity are:

  1. As we all know, this is the period of a technological revolution in India, where the most important one is the ‘Mobile Revolution’. Now, every person whether poor or rich has a mobile phone with him because mobile companies offer mobile phones at very low prices also with all the features that can attract potential customers and also useful for them.
    That is why people now not only make calls from their mobiles, not only play games on mobiles, but they have stepped forward to use different applications that come in the market daily. Similarly, people stick to their phones to get the latest news updates and to check the stock market conditions, which helps them to invest in it.
  2. This online trading system is also useful as it gives an investor flexibility to keep up with the stock market news wherever he wants and also to trade anytime from anywhere.
  3. It helps to get updates from all over the world. It gives quick and time-to-time updates of the global financial markets.
  4. All the famous Indian stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX will be at our fingertips through these apps as we can easily locate them.
  5. Sensex & Nifty can also be tracked easily.
  6. The applications make and provide some charts, graphs and other figures that help in making decisions related to an investment such as where one should invest because by observing and analyzing these charts, a person knows the rise and fall of the market.
  7. The applications also provide helping hands in building investment portfolios and it can also manage our investments and transactions in a much better way than we could.
  8. It also helps with the selection of our investments as reviews and discussions from the experts are also present there.

12 best stock market trading program in india

Now let’s take a look at some of the best trading apps in India. All the apps below are available on the Google Play Store. But not all of them are available in the App Store.


This app is available on both Play Store as well as App Store. It is now the most popular app for stock trading. It has some great features that an investor will surely love, such as breaking news, in-depth financial information, and it also provides easy access to statistics of various stock exchanges. It offers different languages ​​so that people from different regions can use the app easily. Some languages ​​it offers are Hindi, English, Tamil, Gujarati, etc. All the CNBC channel can also be easily streamed on this app. So, to track the financial markets, this app is a good choice.


  • Using this app you can get updates for Indian financial markets as well as international.
  • It has access to BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges.
  • You can also monitor the performance of your portfolio with this application.
  • You can set personal alerts and create watch lists.

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It has some exciting features that make this app a great app to use. Zerodha Kite is now becoming a popular platform for trading. It has the highest number of customers in India.


It leaves discount stock brokers behind by providing free brokerage services. Other than that, it charges a minimal amount of Rs.20 per order from the customers for each transaction. One can find news and data about NSE, BSE and MCX in this app. You can also chat with more than 100 indicators through this app. For Android, you won’t find an app better than ZERODHA. It allows a person to trade stocks, F&O and currencies as well.

  • It deals with stocks, commodities, futures and options, and currencies.
  • This application allows you to trade stocks, shares, indices, currencies and futures.
  • For all investments no brokerage is charged and for trading Rs 20 is charged for each order.
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This application is an application from the side of the Economic Times. Economic Times has launched this app to reach a wide range of customers. One can have eight regional languages ​​for the stock updates in this app. ET NOW TV is also available for streaming to keep up with financial news. If you are a beginner, you should not miss this app.


  • It gives enhanced Market data of stock market to Sensex, BSE, Nifty, NSE, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Companies, Shares, Movers, Winners and Losers.
  • You can view the stocks on your watch list, stock market winners, stock market losers, stock market movements, BSE, NSE, Sensex and Nifty etc.
  • You can easily manage/track your investments in the stock market.
  • It will update you with the latest happenings by displaying a breaking news ticker.


The app NDTV Profit is launched by the largest business channel in India, ‘NDTV.’ You can watch live TV on this app to get stock market news. It uses charts and time frames. It can be treated as the best source of news and information on topics like economy, business and stock markets.


  • NDTV Wins app brings you live coverage of the financial markets and corporate India.
  • You can track the markets and get live stock quotes during market hours.


The Stock Edge app has a simple interface through which one can easily conduct research such as fundamental, technical and derivative research. It has certain important features and functions to make the application more user-friendly. Some of these are ‘My Watch list’ which can help to keep track of the portfolio, ‘My Investor Group’ which helps to create your investor group and finally, ‘My Scan’ and this section keeps track of daily activities so that one can easily track his/her daily trading activities.

Stock Edge App

  • Deliver FII/ FPI & DII Cash & Derivative data on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Opportunity scans such as price scans, Last week high/low, Last month high/low, 52 week high/low, 3 day price action.
  • Stock Research, Sector Research Keep track of stock portfolio in various groups.


The IIFL Markets app is special because when it was launched, this app received the maximum response from the users in a positive way. We all know about ‘India Infoline Ltd.’ It is a very popular platform for brokers and launched this app.


This application serves users as a tool to analyze and gather information in detail about the changes in stock market conditions. Through this analysis people get help in investing and trading. This app is very highly rated in the play store.


  • For IPOs and OVS, customers can easily apply.
  • You will get access to financial market which includes NSE, Nifty, Sensex, BSE 100, Bank Nifty, BSE MID CAP along with commodity and currency markets.
  • Through this app you will get price alerts.
  • Financial markets of India like BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX come under One tap information.
  • Using a stock watch feature, user can select the stocks right in front of the home screen.


The Kotak Stock Trader app is launched by the Kotak Industries for real-time trading, tracking the stock market live, etc. The main things it trades in are stocks, derivatives and currencies. A user can easily place his order to trade anytime and if he/she wants to cancel the order or transaction for any reason then that is also available without any problem.


Available balance in the account and the constant portfolio performance can be tracked through this application. From the day you install this application, you can know the number of investments you have been so far through the ‘My Investments’ section.

  • Multi-level authentication, HTTPS protocol and top-level encryption features keep your funds and your trades safe.
  • You will get the live market updates.
  • Arbitrating the Nifty and the Sensex easily follows the market rates or economic performance.
  • Without any effort, you can transfer money from your bank account.
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Share Khan is very famous among the people these days. Every person, broker and other people know about this application. Sharekhan Trading app provides very fast online services so that people can trade shares within seconds.

Many informative and interactive charts are there in this app which provide information on different topics and submarkets. These charts are updated daily according to the market updates.


This application is also listed under the NSE & BSE, which provides a platform to the potential investors or to the reinvesting people to deal with stocks.

  • The market can be Average, Band-Bollinger, KnowSureThing, MACD, etc.
  • This app has extra features like OAlert, Chart-book, Heat-map, trading from charts, and many more.
  • Traders can place orders such as Normal Order, Sell against Margin (SAM), Big Trade, Big Trade Plus, Bracket orders (BO).
  • Investors have access to financial data, portfolio, watchlist, mutual funds, MarketWatch, reports, IPO, indices, market statistics, stock market news, etc.
  • Investor and Trader get latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY and international markets


The Motilal Oswal trading program offers various products to trade such as stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, currencies, etc. It offers some portfolio tools to help people make investment decisions easily and timely.


It offers some advanced features. Informative and attractive maps with indicators can also be seen in the application. Transfer of funds is made easy through this app as it is connected to more than 40 banks.

  • It has access to stocks, derivatives, currencies, commodities, futures and options, mutual funds, IPOs
  • To make investment decisions, it gives you real-time portfolio monitoring tools.
  • Throughout the process, you will get a safe operating mechanism.
  • This app has features like attractive charts with 12 different indicators.


Angel Broking trading app is again available for both Android and IOS. After carefully analyzing the facts about the stock markets, you can trade stocks through this app. There are some built-in tools that influence the investment decisions of people.

This application is designed to track real-time market changes and trade in derivatives, futures and options, etc. Once the latest news of the market is updated on the app, a person can view it and track the holdings.


When you have a mobile phone in your hand, transferring funds is never difficult. You can transfer your money and securities whenever you want and from wherever you want through this app. This application also gives P&L accounts, ledgers and statements to the customers regularly.

  • It has access to stocks, derivatives, currencies, futures and options, etc.
  • The app has features to directly access the last 10 transactions for ledger, DP and fund reports.
  • Get the information about statements regarding your contract, your account ledgers and Profit and Loss account using a single click.
  • Track your ARQ portfolio and rebalance with just two clicks.
  • Using ARQ-based portfolio health check tool, improve your stock and mutual fund portfolio performance.


5 Paisa mobile trading app is an app that offers a discount broker. It gives the customers a great overall experience through its faster transactions and performance. It offers high level security to its customers. In this app everything is at your fingertips which makes it very easy to sell and buy.

The transactions & order execution is so fast that one can complete a transaction within a single day. Even the fund transfer is also fast. It creates a 3-in-one account for each user which includes Demat account, Trading account and the savings account. This account is managed daily by the application itself.


There is a tool called the ‘Auto Investor’ in this app. This tool knows everything about the user from his goals for investment, risk profile, income to the expenses. The tool uses this important information to create a portfolio that accurately matches the client. Broadcast and map functions are also available. A person can also invest in Mutual Funds using this application.

  • From this app you can easily open a Demat account.
  • Get the stock market quotes from NSE & BSE.
  • Exchange of shares, futures and options (F&O) and currency segments.
  • Multi-asset Live watch list synced across devices.
  •  Use Advanced Charting for better analysis.


ICICI securities has launched the ICICI direct mobile trading app . One can keep track of their portfolio & the always happening changes in the stock market. This app also provides the facility of 3-in-one account like the 5 Paisa mobile Trading app.

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It helps to trade in products like currencies, stocks, derivatives and futures and options. It provides research reports sharing updates that can be collected and tracked from anywhere and whenever the user is comfortable.

  • Trade in stocks, commodities, derivatives, currencies and futures and options.
  • This app has features like Trade in Stocks, Exchange Futures and Options, Track your portfolio, Get stock quotes, Place order, etc.
  • Follow the market movement and also your portfolio.
  • It gives you a 3-in-1 account facility.

Now, we have already discussed the 12 Best Stock Market Trading Software in India,  but if you have something that you think would make a good addition to this list, feel free to leave a comment.



According to the reports, there are no complaints about these trading apps so far. But safety should be kept in mind and it should not be taken lightly. Always have antivirus software installed on your mobile phone before you decide to download and install any stock trading software.

This will help you to be on the safer side while using the app. After transferring any specific amount to a trading application, just make sure that the amount is available in your account through which you are going to trade and also pay attention to the process through which the money will be transferred.

By following these simple steps and being careful at every level, I don’t think there is any problem regarding security in these apps. You will gradually gain confidence!


To choose an app that will suit you best, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The points which will help you to choose the trading app are-

  1. First, ask yourself if you are a day trader or do you read only news related to stocks? You should go with Mobile trading apps instead of the apps that only publish news if you are a trader or investor. But if you just need news to read then don’t even try to go for proper trading apps. It would be a total waste. Choose from the best trading programs in India if you are serious about trading or investing.
  2. What about your phone compatibility? You need to know the version and base of your mobile phone accurately. If you are using an Android based phone then don’t check out the app which is for Apple users. Just stick to your Play Store and choose from them and save your time. Similarly, if you have iPhone, leave the Android apps and focus on App Store apps.
  3. You can also check for the number of downloads an app has from the store. This can help you know whether the app is good or not, and whether you should download it or not.
  4. The next thing to check about an app is its reviews from people who have already used it. On the stores i.e. Play Store & App Store, people write reviews about the apps and their experience for the same. There is also a system to rate the app. So, before you decide to install the app, check all this to be sure of an app. Choose an app that has a rating of at least more than 3.5.
  5. Users also give their feedback about the stores. These user experiences can also help you while choosing the best application that suits you This way you can also get a better picture of the application.

All the apps mentioned above have good reviews on them and have also received a positive response in the market. These apps compete and constantly try to improve their interface and features so that they can be a better choice for potential customers. So I hope using this guide you will be able to choose the best stock market trading programs in India.

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