10 social media trends for 2023

Knowing the trends of social networks for 2023 will help us to improve our strategies, budgets and planning in the short, medium and long term. 

Although Meta could stagnate for the next few months, other platforms like Instagram, BeReal, and TikTok could see exponential growth in 2023.

Last year, Instagram surpassed the barrier of 2 billion active users, according to statements by its own CEO, Adam Mosseri.

LinkedIn currently has more than 850 million global users and that number will grow in the coming months.

But beyond the numbers, I would like you to understand the role that social networks play in the growth and profitability of your own businesses.

Nowadays, we don’t just use these channels for entertainment purposes. Those of us who are in charge of businesses or ventures know that they are a true gold mine.

That’s why we continually use them to:

  • Capture potential customers.
  • Build loyal and loyal communities.
  • Increase the reach and impact of our messages.
  • Gain brand positioning.
  • Hacer networking.
  • Capture quality traffic to our blogs, e-commerces or websites.
  • Raise our sales or conversions.

Understand this: if you want to sell more products or services and increase your turnover, you must know the main social media trends for 2023.

If you miss them, or worse, if you choose to ignore or underestimate them, you will not only be forgotten, but you will miss out on a great opportunity to increase your income.


Social media trends for 2023

These are the ten social media trends that I will be implementing in 2023, together with my team, to boost my personal brand and many other businesses of the Convert More Group:

1. Video content: short and reduced

Small content, better known as “short videos”, will be crucial to increase conversions and the impact of your messages.

Start telling video stories that are persuasive, engaging and focused enough for social media users to stop scrolling and stop to watch your vertical content.

Without a doubt, this year we must create more relevant, creative and attractive short videos for our audience.

We must improve the stop ratio of short and reduced videos to achieve better results.

study published by Wyzowl revealed that in 2022, ” 84% of consumers bought a product after watching a video.”

If you want to sell more, you need to create more vertical content. But you must do them strategically, or you will not get the desired conversions.

Research from HubSpot indicated that 90% of marketers will maintain or increase their investments in short videos during 2023. And I assure you that I will be in that group!

2. Content based on “actionable entertainment”

If I received a dollar, every time I say that network users do not like to be sold, (at least in a harsh, direct or invasive way), I would surely have a very inflated bank account. 

And this is not going to change in 2023. What will evolve is the way we sell or promote our products or services.

This will be the year of “actionable entertainment”. TikTok revealed, in its trend report for 2023, that the focus will be on content that “communities find entertaining.” 

The interesting thing is that this trend will not be exclusive to organic content, but also to advertising messages.

What does that mean? That we need to be more resourceful and creative when it comes to designing our advertisements, so that they don’t look like direct sales, but rather as “actionable entertainment”. 

The report emphasizes this fact: “If advertising messages are delivered as an advertisement, but packaged as entertainment, brands will see incredible business results.”


3. Marketing vertical

This is one of the social media trends I’m most excited to embrace this year.

In this case, vertical marketing does not refer to the creation of Reels or videos for TikTok. 

No! This year the verticality will be focused on selling the same product or service to different avatars.

Instead of diversifying your portfolio, you will have to diversify your audiences, and this will be very interesting.

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Imagine that you sell dental aligners. Surely you are thinking that teenagers are your only ideal clients.

And that’s okay! But I want to tell you that they are not the only ones. That product can also be useful to other avatars, such as:

  • The parents of adolescents.
  • The mothers of adolescents.
  • Directors.
  • Entrepreneurs.

You must take advantage of the versatility of that product to expand your line of income.

And why do I tell you that it is very versatile? Because many people dream of having a perfect smile! (not just teenagers).

Therefore, that product can be sold to various types of customers with a good vertical marketing strategy.

4. Content that awakens creativity 

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced the three trends that will drive hard in 2023 on this social network. 

People want to feel inspired when they access this social network, and we must take that into account when selling.

I’m not telling you to forget about sales. I just want you to use your ingenuity and creativity so that your products or services generate well-being and happiness in your community.

This year the goal is to inspire people to feel more creative. Use your Instagram account to share content that users love to consume.

Get them to discover you and be willing to start social conversations around the photos, Reels or stories you post.

This is how your community will grow, you will capture more and more leads and you will increase your conversions!

How can you do it?

Let’s say you sell flower arrangements and your business is 100% digital. You can create your store on Instagram and diversify your sales channels.

But instead of uploading a video about a flower arrangement asking your followers to make a purchase, you could do the following:

Show them a little tour of your warehouse and tell them an inspiring story about how you followed your dreams, started your small business, and launched yourself as an entrepreneur.

Master the art of storytelling and get ready to take your billing to the next level.

I guarantee that if you learn to tell stories, you will sell automatically and in a more “humanized” and sensitive way.

In this article, I share with you the success story of a marketing agency that turned a rebranding documentary into a powerful line of income.

Syngular leveraged on storytelling and managed to tell a persuasive enough story to turn his documentary into a great lead capture funnel.

You, too, can achieve these kinds of milestones for your business or venture, if you make sure to tell stories that connect with your audience and find them more innovative, inspiring, and creative.

You can’t imagine everything I’ve achieved since I became a great storyteller.

I guarantee that the changes that Storytelling will bring to your brand will be incredible!


5. Chatbots and social media automation

Chatbots are not going anywhere. On the contrary, they will continue to be our great allies in 2023.

Use them to automate your messages, replies and your customer service.

I want you to write this down and never forget it: the money is in the private messages of Instagram and Facebook, because your ideal clients are in those networks.

Thanks to new technologies and artificial intelligence you will be able to optimize your communications like never before and the conversions will not stop coming.

We do it all the time. I confess to you that 90% of the strategic actions we implement on Instagram are automated.

We have been using ManyChat for a long time to automate messages, replies, and specific actions on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Thanks to chatbots we have optimized our sales, conversions and communications with our customers, in record time, in recent years.


In a few steps you can automate the automatic responses to the comments left by your users and dramatically facilitate the work of network management. 

Chatbots allow you to develop an advanced communication interface, and nowadays they are essential, since users demand immediate answers.

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Insider Intelligence estimates that by 2024 global retail spending, derived from artificial intelligence software such as chatbots, will be $142 billion. 

If you manage a digital business, you need to automate your marketing, recruitment and sales actions imminently.

Do you wonder why? Pay attention to this number: eMarketer estimates that chatbot adoption could save the banking or retail industry about $11 billion annually.


6. Content generated with artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is also here to stay and in 2023 it will be used by many creators, specifically on YouTube, to generate increasingly disruptive and interesting content.

Many creators will continue to use AI software to create content through 2023, according to Search Engine Journal. 

“Particularly those that allow you to create images based on a few descriptive words.” 

Although we will also see many “videos on ChatGPT: an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI”.

According to the own predictions of YouTube representatives, “ChatGPT will be a very popular topic for content creators, interested in the intersection of technology and human interaction.”

Creators will use this software to tell better stories, make jokes and create much more viral and monetizable content.

We will continue to leverage on AI

If you know me, you know that I never stop innovating. Together with my team I have developed software, based on AI, to generate persuasive copies in a matter of minutes.

With CopyAssistant you can let the AI ​​write texts for you, and they will be persuasive enough to increase traffic and conversions.


7. Collaborations and associations with influential people

HubSpot revealed that right now, more than 56% of marketers make consistent investments in micro-influencers (they have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers on their social platforms).

This year we must increase co-creations with characters from our industry, social media trends

or even with influencers from other sectors, and enhance their reach and impact through our social platforms.

Instagram Collab will explode during 2023, as this collaborative feature will help thousands of influencers and content creators to capitalize on their efforts and impact other audiences.

Co-creations allow us to penetrate other market niches and take advantage of new opportunities for growth, monetization and diversification of products and services.

This year, nano and micro influencers will control the narrative, according to a Shopify report .

The most important recommendation is this: Collaborate with people who have real staying power.

Find those influencers who have a loyal and engaged audience, but who also get excited and react to their new collaborations and content.

7. Transmedia podcast

By 2023, the power of audio will be equivalent to what video used to be a few years ago.

Oberlo has estimated that by 2024 the number of podcast listeners (in the United States alone) will exceed 109 million.  

And according to iVoox figures , the Spanish podcast listener increasingly consumes this content format in countries like Mexico or Spain.

In fact, 65.96% of them do it “because they learn” in a more personalized and entertaining way.

Direct Marketing believes that the podcast, as “valuable content”, will experience an incredible boom in 2023. 

Because? Without a doubt, it will continue to be one of “the best options to create high-value content for users.”

The trend for 2023 will be focused on video podcasts and transmedia podcasts.

The latter are promoted through multiple social platforms and generate a brutal impact.

The creators, and even those of us who promote a personal or commercial brand, have to leverage ourselves on networks like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube , to massify our audio content.

You have to take advantage of the live shows on Twitch or the virality of the clips on TikTok , to impact more customers in 2023.

This year, Jose Villalobos and I, (two serial entrepreneurs with years of experience), launched a podcast called “Success is contagious” , and I can tell you in advance that the episodes will be in tune with transmedia and video podcasts.

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This will be one of the Growth Marketing strategies that we will promote throughout the year, because podcasts are a great sales and conversion tool for businesses and ventures.

8. User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content, or UGC, takes many forms: from product or service reviews to photography and social proof.

Today, many generate organic content that fits UGC without even realizing it.

I ask you something: have you ever purchased a product, used it, and then posted a video or photo on Instagram ?

If you answered yes, you are part of that massive community of users who benefit their favorite brands through their own creations and content.


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In 2025, more than 4.4 billion people will use social networks; the equivalent of half the world’s population (according to Statista data ).

If you have a brand, business or venture, what are you waiting for to boost it massively with UGC strategies?



GoPro has the best content plan in the world, created by its customers, to attract new customers. That’s genius!

Today, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to react to UGC than to engage with brand-generated content , according to a Business Wire review .

9. Social Commerce

This is the easiest way to explain it to you:  Social Commerce = Social networks + e-commerce.

Although we have been making purchases through social platforms for a couple of years, it is clear that in 2023 we will see some important changes.

social media trends increases the sales you offer on retail stores ,

Retail shopping, through Instagram, will not focus solely on the business transaction, but on the customer experience.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, but how you sell it. Your strategies cannot be aggressive or be divorced from the needs, tastes and consumption habits of your customers.

Remember this: great marketers don’t sell products or services, they sell emotions and experiences.

The CEO of Instagram himself, Adam Mosseri, announced that in 2023 the functionalities of Instagram Shopping will improve so that the experience is satisfactory for businesses, and above all, for users.

Use your networks to share content that your audience loves to consume; even your sales posts should arouse positive emotion in them.

Don’t you know the power of Social Commerce ? The Harvard Business Review published that social media selling helps brands engage early in their customers’ sales cycle.

Insider Intelligence published another fact that you cannot lose sight of: in 2022, more than half of American adults made at least one purchase on social networks.

Your clients are in the networks. The money is on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

Stop sending your customers to WhatsApp Business . If you want to revolutionize your business in 2023 and boost your sales, you need to boost social shopping.


10 social media trends that will revolutionize your business

If you decide to take advantage of these social media trends in 2023, you will undoubtedly notice incredible changes in your business. Thanks to them you will be able to:

  • Capture leads for free or at a lower cost.
  • Expand your communities.
  • Improve your brand positioning.
  • Penetrate new market niches.
  • Sell ​​more.

I would like you to remember this: if you have a presence on social networks, you will increase the return on your investment, you will improve the memory of your brand and you will boost the purchase motivation of your customers.


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